Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

Despite his hot wife Melania, Donald Trump has had some sexy girlfriends in the past. The billionaire Trump is known for the model women in his life. Here’s a compilation of all his babes!

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What’s the youngest you’ve dated? Just 15 years younger? No way, try 27! That was exactly the case with Gabriella Sabatini, who dated the Donald when he was 43 years old! That means she was only 19! The Argentinian former U.S. Open winner briefly dated Trump for only a month back in 1989, which was the year before she won that U.S. Open title

What a weird but impressive score for the Don…and a not-so-impressive score for Sabatini, who also dated Ricky Martin & Mickey Rourke…back when he still looked human. She did also date Prince Albert of Monaco, who isn’t exactly a looker either. But hey, where the gold-digging genes run deep, the pockets run even deeper!

Ivana Zelnickova. One of the few women in Trump’s life that didn’t do it all kinds of wrong. Of course she faired well, & here’s why: this Czech fashion model got her U.S. citizenship thanks to her marriage to him & after their divorce, she walked away with a modest $20 million!!! Hell, I’d get it on with Trump for that kind of money any day! Ivana is one of the many former models Trump has hooked up with & while she is getting up there in age, she was definitely a sight for sore eyes back in her prime.

So in regards to gold diggers, here’s one that takes the cake! Ladies, pay attention ’cause that sociology degree isn’t gonna take you very far. Carla Bruni has had one solid gold-digging track record that includes the likes of Eric Clapton, Kevin Costner, Mick Jagger, & of course the big D.T.! Some of the men she’s been with were at the same time involved with other women or even married!

Today, Bruni is married to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. That’s gotta be a fun marriage considering the fact that this guy also cheated on his first 2 wives! At first I thought, “What an asshole!” & then I remembered he was French…no explanation necessary. Anyways, Bruni & Trump dated on & off in 1991 & if Trump is elected president—God forbid—Bruni will have the distinction of having slept with two rock ‘n’ roll hall-of-famers & two world leaders!

Marla Maples was no supermodel, which means she’s definitely skilled with her mouth because she was the reason why Trump & his first wife, Ivana, divorced! What was supposed to be a simple affair with Maples turned into a scandalous public soap opera that eventually led to the divorce. Yes, that means that sleeping with Maples cost Trump $20 million!!! Talking about putting your dick in the wrong place.

In the end, it cost him even more than that because he went on to marry & divorce Maples as well! They had a kid together in 1992, married in ’93, then separated in 1999 after tearing off a chunk of Donald’s ego when she cheated on him with her then-bodyguard Spencer Wagner. But thanks to a wise prenuptial agreement, Maples walked away with just over a million dollars & some real estate…chump change for the Don.

After having his second wife stolen from underneath him, what better way to rebound than to steal another man’s girl? That’s exactly what happened with Kara Young, whom he stole from talk show host A.J. Benza. To make matters worse, during an interview with Howard Stern, Benza was talking about the Trump robbery on live radio to millions of Americans, Trump called in to the show to keep rubbing it in his face. After 20 minutes of bickering, Young was brought on the line too to confirm Trumps claims.

All the women before Melania Knauss are just mere notches under the triumphant Trump belt, since he claims her to be the love of his life! Fitting firmly into his former supermodel criteria, this one has lasted longer than anyone could’ve predicted. Donald met Melania in 1998 & they got engaged six years later, eventually tying the knot in 2005. If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination then moves on to win the presidential election in November, Melania will—without a doubt—also become the hottest First Lady in history! That is, of course, if he doesn’t replace her with an even younger, hotter model between now & then…which we all know by now is very, very possible!


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