Thu. Feb 9th, 2023 The 10 Year Old Genius Barron Trump has been a main topic of conversation over the past few weeks and it’s been noted that he is apparently very clever for his age. Barron attends the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School located in the Upper Western Side of Manhattan giving him a huge head start over the majority of other children. He is fortunate enough to have his parents pay $45,000 per year to have him enrolled in the prestigious private school which taught Moby Dick author Herman Melville all his wisdom.

Barron as conveyed his intelligence by speaking a second language. At the age of 10 he can already speak fluent Slovene thanks to his Slovenian mum. Most of us were still learning the English language at that age, let alone a foreign language. This just goes to show just how intelligent Barron really is.

He is well disciplined and loves to be neat and tidy. For a 10 year old kid he knows how to keep himself in order. His mom Melania has admitted that Barron keeps her house tidy for her. Although Barron loves playing with his toy cars he always makes sure to tidy them away once he is finished with them.

Barron is seen to be the real Donald Trump Jr. His older brother may already be known as Donald Jr, however most of his family members refer to him as the real Jr. Melania his mum will always refer to him as Donald Jr and says he shares a lot of the same traits as his father. He enjoys wearing a suit every day and looks up to his father as an inspiration.

His mother Melania has repeatedly said at interviews with the media that he is strong minded just like his father and very smart for his age. He is talented in many fields and looks to have a bright future ahead of him. With a strong pedigree in the business world it looks as though Barron will be able to take the world by storm as he grows older and run many successful businesses. He has already shown great intelligence at the age of just 10 years old and has shown that he can learn other languages.

Barrons IQ is estimated to be in the region of 120-130 as he has shown great intelligence and comes from a very clever family. His great uncle was a well known professor and inventor who had an IQ of 135+ classing him as a genius.


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