Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

School rejected him, family isolated him, and dad forgot him — Barron Trump myths are everywhere, but you don’t need Shaggy or Scooby-Doo to figure out which ones are true!

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Myth: He got kicked out of school for unpaid tuition | 0:00
Myth: Barron and Melania Trump didn’t want to move to the White House | 1:20
Myth: He didn’t contract COVID-19 when his parents did | 2:21
Myth: Donald Trump forgot Barron was his son | 3:11
Myth: Barron was left out of important family moments | 4:16
Myth: He is on the autism spectrum | 5:00
Myth: Barron Trump is not allowed to play football | 5:53
Myth: Barron is a mini Donald | 6:53

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