Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

GOP strategist Mike Murphy slammed the Conservative Political Action Conference for being “a scam, pure and simple, top to bottom” in a fiery message during an MSNBC appearance on Friday.

On Friday, Murphy took his own jab at Trump Jr. along with the CPAC gathering he admitted he used to attend.

“First of all, I join fellow patriot Donald Jr. in urging our listeners, the true patriots out there, to make a check today out to ‘Christians Against Secular Humanism,’ or ‘CASH,’ because this is a grift pure and simple,” Murphy said. “They ought to put a fence around CPAC and put a bunco charge on all of ’em, it’s unbelievable. I didn’t know God had an opinion about cellphone companies.”

Murphy continued by noting that former President Donald Trump and CPAC are both “shrinking” in popularity in the Republican Party, “but it is kind of the professional, grassroots, huckster wing of the GOP. The good news it’s an outlier, it’s not the sampling it used to be.”

Murphy added that CPAC today represents just a “sliver” of the GOP. “This thing now is a scam, pure and simple, top to bottom.”

You can watch more of Murphy’s comments in the video below.


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