Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

When a President and First Lady move into the White House, they don’t have to worry about food for the next four years, as professional chefs take care of it all. First Lady Melania Trump has talked about her eating habits in the past, and they stand in stark contrast to her husband’s love of fast food, which isn’t too surprising, seeing as how she used to be a model. Before moving to Washington, she was known to eat at some of the most expensive restaurants in New York, but she has also been known to prepare meals at home on occasion. Let’s take a look at what the First Lady typically eats in a day.

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Starting with a smoothie | 0:00
Fan of fruits and veggies | 1:26
Restaurant favs | 2:32
Melania’s favorite drink | 3:35
Limited snacks | 4:30
Occasional indulgences | 5:24
Sticking to favorites | 6:26
DIY with Donald | 7:22
No chain coffee | 8:09

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