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After a long and impressive career as a model, businesswoman, and author, Ivana Trump was most well-known for having been married to (and divorced from) former President Donald Trump. To her three children, though, Ivana was simply mom, despite the drama their parents’ divorce drew to the family.

By all accounts, Ivana had great relationships with her three kids, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. When she passed away, holding $34 million to her name, Ivana left her wealth to not just her three kids, but to other parties that were somewhat unexpected.

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How Much Was Ivana Trump Worth When She Passed Away?

Ivana Trump in an interviewYouTube

Ivana Trump passed away in 2022 at age 73. Tragically, her death was not due to natural causes, but instead a fall that left her with significant injuries. There were apparently no rumors of foul play, and many people publicly memorialized the former Mrs. Trump, including her famous ex-husband.

Things were not quite so positive between the two in their earlier years, however. Their divorce—which was acrimonious, public, and expensive—made countless headlines in the early 1990s after Ivana reportedly caught Donald with his then-mistress (Donald later married Marla Maples, whose net worth never rivaled that of his first ex-wife).

Ivana was later quoted as saying Donald was abusive to her, and the divorce was granted based on “cruel and inhuman treatment by Mr. Trump.”

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Given that the former couple had multiple prenups (renegotiated over the years), Ivana wound up walking away with a $14 million settlement, plus ownership of a mansion in Connecticut, an apartment in Trump Plaza, and a one-month-per-year vacation rental of Mar-a-Lago.

At the time, it was stated by the NY Times that Ivana and her team were “worried” that Donald wouldn’t be able to come up with the lump sum, given that he was issued a “living allowance of only $375,000 a month from the banks.”

At the time, Ivana’s team claimed that Donald was worth $5 billion and argued that she was entitled to half. Ultimately, the agreement resulted in child support of about $650,000 per year.

To Ivana’s credit, her net worth increased substantially over the years, likely due to her various business ventures rather than her divorce settlement. At the time of her passing, the former Mrs. Trump was worth $34 million—and she didn’t leave anything to Donald when she died.

Who Did Ivana Trump Leave Her Estate To?

Ivanka Trump in an interviewCBS News

The big question about Ivana’s wealth was who she left her inheritance to. After her tumultuous divorce from Donald, it made sense that Ivana left no money to her ex-husband. Ivana reportedly gave “co-control” of her real estate assets to her kids and Donald, but it’s unclear whether the latter stood to benefit financially.

And Ivana did leave some funds to a few different people, including various exes.

Donald Trump was Ivana’s second husband; she originally married her “platonic friend” Alfred Winklmayr to get Austrian citizenship. She was later married to Riccardo Mazzucchelli (from 1995 to 1997) and Rossano Rubicondi (2008-2009).

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Ivana reportedly left property to Rubicondi, who unfortunately passed away before she did, and left some funds to a “personal friend,” Evelyne Garnet.

But the remainder of her net worth was divided among her three children, which isn’t surprising. What was surprising was the inclusion of one specific person in Ivana’s will: the family’s former nanny.

Ivana Trump Wanted Some Items Donated To Charity

In an interesting move, Ivana Trump’s will decreed that her wardrobe be donated to charitable causes; the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Only her “fur collection and jewelry” were exempted and to be sold for profit (which would go to her children).

Who Is Susanna Dorothy Curry?

Though widely reported as the Trump family’s former nanny, it turns out Susanna Dorothy Curry was far more than that to Ivana Trump. The ex-nanny, whom the family called Dorothy, worked for the Trumps for decades over the course of their children’s childhoods.

Ivana even wrote about Dorothy in her book Raising Trump, praising her energy and the “sparkle in her eye.” After the kids grew up, Dorothy became Ivana’s assistant.

Clearly, the relationship was close; in her will, Ivana left her dog Tiger to her former assistant. She also left Dororthy a $1 million apartment.

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The apartment was not as fancy as the home Ivana resided in upon her passing (that house was later listed for $26.5 million, with the proceeds to go to the Trump kids), but it was worth a reported $1.12 million at the time of Ivana’s passing.

It was unclear whether Dorothy moved into the apartment or sold it; NY Post noted that the former nanny had an address in Queens (the apartment was in Miami Beach, Florida) and could not be reached at the time the will was revealed.

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