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Donald Trump Jr. spoke to the Newsmax network on Wednesday, and saying he did not hold back would be an understatement.

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He called out U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for getting the job only because of his sexual orientation.


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Trump Jr. called Buttigieg “that gay guy” as he told the media publication:

“You know, he’s the guy who had no business running for president, but they let him do that cause he’s gay, and they check off a box, and then he didn’t win, so [they said] ‘he’s the gay guy, so we gotta give him something, let’s make him transportation secretary.’ His failure after failure after failure is truly affecting the American people.”

He even went as far as questioning Buttigieg’s paternity leave in 2021, saying, “Plus the time he spent chest-feeding while we were in the midst of a supply chain crisis.”

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Donald Trump’s oldest son also called out President Biden while on a private jet to Ohio. He said, “Maybe they’ll worry about the American people for once rather than giving away your taxpayer dollars ($130,000,000,000.00 worth) to corrupt officials in Ukraine to get us into yet another never-ending war.”

Many social media users called Donald Jr for his homophobic remarks, with one person saying, “Pete is more of a man than Don Jr will ever be.” At the same time, another added, “Hateful, hateful man.”

47 Crazy Donald Trump Facts That Will Drive You Nuts…

S. History

From the mid-80s to 2016, Donald Trump and his businesses were involved in 3,500 legal cases. Out of these 3,500 suits, Trump or one of his companies were plaintiffs in 1,900 and defendants in 1,450.

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Trump’s little hands

During a debate, Marco Rubio complained that Donald called him “little Marco.” He added, “Donald is taller than me, he’s like 6′ 2, which is why I don’t understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5′ 2″.” Trump showed his hands, “they are not small, aren’t they?” That’s how everyone started talking about Trump’s hands.

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Donald Trump, the movie buff

Trump’s favorite movie is Citizen Kane, as he explains in a 2002 interview. He said: “I think you learn in Citizen Kane that maybe wealth isn’t everything. Because he had the wealth, but he didn’t have the happiness.”

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Donald sued for 5 billion dollars

The author Timothy O’Brien called Trump a millionaire. Trump filed a libel lawsuit since he was actually a billionaire.

The Apprentice made Trump way richer

Trump confirmed he received over $200 million from the 192 episodes of The Apprentice.

Donald, the actor

Apart from appearing in Home Alone 2, SATC, Two Weeks Notice, and The Nanny, Trump was in Ghost Can’t Do It, a comedy fantasy movie from 1989. He earned a Razzie award for the Worst Supporting Actor.

Trump’s ancestors were connected to the Heinz family

Friedrich Trump, Donald’s grandfather, was the second cousin of Henry J. Heinz, the founder of the renowned condiment brand Heinz. The Trump name is of German origins.

Trump lost his grandpa in the pandemic

Friedrich Trump died during the Spanish flu in 1918. Donald’s father, Fred Trump, was only 15 when he lost his dad, and alongside his mother, he continued the family business.

The young Donald was a naughty boy

Fred Trump sent his second youngest son to military school since sources claim young Donald needed discipline and focus.

and Donald had to earn an allowance

Donald and his eight-year-old older brother collected discarded soda bottles on the construction sites run by his father. Trump later told Forbes, “It was probably equal to a below-average allowance.”

He entered the business world in his early 20s

Trump started working for his dad in 1968. Two years later, at 24, he became the president of Elizabeth Trump & Son Co. Fred Trump remained the chairman of the board.

Trump changed the name of the company

Elizabeth Trump & Son Co. was called Fred C. Trump Organization while Donald’s dad was in charge. However, the official change to Trump Organization changed in the 70s at the request of Donald Trump.

Trump’s uncle worked for the FBI

Trump’s uncle was John G. Trump, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor. He was allowed to examine papers and equipment when Nikola Tesla passed away in 1943.

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The organization has over 200 business

Though it is often connected to property developments, the Trumps organization has operated in construction, hospitality, casinos, entertainment, book and magazine publishing, broadcast media, model management, retail, financial services, food and beverages, business education, online travel, commercial and private aviation, beauty pageants, etc.

Trump is a germophobe

In the 80s and 90s, it became noticeable that Trump did not like to shake hands. He is a known germophobe, though he overcame his fears, at least while in the White House.

Trump was quite the businessman in his youth

He famously owned over 14,000 apartments by the age of 27.

The king of Manhattan

Donald Trump’s main projects in the 80s were in Manhattan. The businessman opened the Grand Hyatt New York (1980), started the construction of Trump Tower (1983), and developed the development of Trump Plaza (1984). He also opened casino hotels in Atlantic City, New Jersey: Trump Plaza (1984), Trump Castle (1985), and Trump Taj Mahal (1990).

Trump lost an older brother to alcoholism

Fred Trump, Jr. died at 43 due to a heart attack caused by his drinking. That’s why Donald Trump never drinks or smokes. 

It was hard for Trump to understand his brother’s lack of drive

Trump spoke about his brother on several occasions. Once, he even admitted that everyone loved Fred Jr, adding, “He’s like the opposite of me.” 

Trump was about to enter politics in the 80s

Trump considered running for president in 1988 as a Republican but chose not to. Ten years later, he had similar ideas but did not act on them. 

Donald switched parties several times

Trump has been a Republican, a Democrat, an independent, and a member of the Reform Party.

The M Family

The Secret Service called each member of the Trump family with a letter M. Trump’s nickname was Mogul. His daughter Ivanka was nicknamed Marvel. Melania Trump was Muse.

The second president with the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Though many claim Trump was the first celebrity president, that’s not the case. Ronald Reagan started acting in 1937 and was in politics by the time the 60s had started. He was POTUS from 1981 to 1989.

Melania Trump was the second non-American first lady

Louisa Adams, the wife of John Quincy Adams, was born in London, UK. Melania Trump was born in Yugoslavia, now Slovenia, since it became independent in 1991.

Trump had a monopoly-like game

Trump is the only presidential candidate with his own board game. Trump: The Game was launched in 1989, but it was discontinued due to poor reviews and sales.

The 90s were not kind to Donald

Donald Trump’s business started to collapse in the 90s. In 1992 he divorced his first wife, Ivana, with whom he had three kids. He married an actress Marla Maples in 1993, though that marriage ended in 1999.

Ivana wrote a book about her divorce from Trump

In 1995, the late Ivana Trump wrote a best seller, The Best Is Yet to Come: Coping With Divorce and Enjoying Life Again. She also wrote an autobiography, Raising Trump, in 2017. Despite the bitter divorce, Trump and Ivana were friends once the dust had settled.

Trump tried to trademark

Though he failed to trademark the catchphrase, it is still associated with Trump thanks to The Apprentice.

He plays with laws

He once famously said, “I do play with bankruptcy laws—they are very good for me.” Trump never filed for personal bankruptcy.

Beauty pageant lover

Trump was part owner of three beauty pageants from 1996-2015: Miss Universe, Miss USA & Miss Teen USA.

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Trump University LLC

From 2005 until 2010, Trump owned and ran the Trump University LLC, which offered courses in real estate.

Trump Foundation

In 1988 Trump started the Donald J. Trump Foundation. N.Y. State Attorney General’s office shut it down in 2013 for multiple violations.

Big Jack Nicholson fan

Donald Trump’s favorite actor is Jack Nicholson, while his business hero is Jack Welch of G.E.

Trump is a wrestler, sort of

Donald is a WWE World Wrestling Entertainment fan. He appeared on Wrestlemania XXIII in a match against Vince McMahon, the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Melania cuts Trump’s hair

The former Trump press secretary wrote that he cuts his own hair. However, speaking to Playboy in 2004, Donald said his wife (then fiancé) Melania is in charge of his signature hairstyle.

In hot waters

Since the 70s, over 20 women accused Trump of misconduct, but he denied all allegations.

Donald Trump avoided the military draft multiple times

Despite major drafts for Vietnam, the New York Times reported that Trump said his “heel spurs,” protrusions caused by calcium buildup on the heel bone, made him unfit for service.

Steak and pasta are Trump’s guilty pleasures

Though he loves McDonald’s and KFC, Donald Trump’s favorite foods are pasta and steak. He also likes Oreos and Lays.

He owns DTJ steakhouse

Trump owns several steakhouses. The Las Vegas one was closed due to numerous health code violations.

One of the tallest presidents

Trump is 6’3″. The tallest president was only an inch above Donald Trump. Abraham Lincoln was 6’4″. Trump might not be the tallest but was the first billionaire president.

His original surname was Drumpf or Drumpft

The Trump family tree goes back to the 1600s. Trump’s mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, came to the U.S. from Scotland in 1930. Trump’s father claimed he was Swedish due to the negativity surrounding Germany after WWII.

Trump’s sister is a retired judge

Maryanne Trump Barry was a Judge of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey under Bill Clinton’s administration. Previously, she was a Judge of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, appointed by Ronald Reagan. She ended her career as a Senior Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in 2019.

7 billion

Donald Trump owns over eight properties across the globe. Despite declaring six bankruptcies in his businesses, Trump remains one of the wealthiest people in the USA.

Trump spends mostly on watches and airplanes

Donald Trump has an impressive collection of designer watches, Brioni suits, and cars. He also has a helicopter, a yacht, and a Boeing 757, with 24-karat gold seatbelt buckles and washroom faucets.

Donald played golf with Bill Clinton

For years, former presidents played golf and enjoyed outings in New York. That all changed several years before Trump went against Hilary Clinton for the position of an American president.

The press helped Trump

Despite primarily negative press in the election year, Trump gained more media coverage than Hilary Clinton. Trump proved there is no negative publicity.

Experts cannot agree on Trump’s signature

Since the experts had massively different views of Trump’s signature, they were gathered in a book, President Donald Trump’s Signature Analysis and Synthesis.


47/47 SLIDES

But this is not surprising. The Trump administration rejected requests from U.S. embassies to fly the rainbow flag on embassy flagpoles during LGBTQ Pride Month. They also pulled the U.S. out of the U.N. Human Rights Council, expressing it was a “cesspool of political bias.” Recently, the Human Rights Council has primarily focused on LGBTQ+ advocacy.

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Trump’s refused to support the Equality Act, which would ensure that existing civil rights protections cover sexual orientation and gender identity in the way that they already do for race, disability, veteran status, and more.

The former president was also accused of appointing several judges who hold extreme anti-LGBTQ+ views, and not just on the Supreme Court.

Interestingly enough, in 2000, Donald Trump was pro-LGBTQ. Mike Pence, however, in 2009, said, “Embracing the advocacy of changes in laws regarding homosexuality around the world, advocates a set of values that are at odds with the majority of the American people.”

Trump made contradictory comments on same-sex marriage. He tried to stay away from the topic while running for the presidency. But, his son is quite clear on where he stands.

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“It’s been a clown show for at least 6 years”: 32 Things We Once Highly Respected but Are a Complete Joke Now

Common decency

Social media killed common decency, one Reddit user wrote. They explained, “Now it’s just a constant state of trying to ‘own’ or ‘one up’ someone else.”

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According to Reddit users, the biggest joke among antivirus software is McAfee. Others pointed out that all other originals became just as big of a joke, with someone naming Norton as a prime example. 

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The History Channel

People are disappointed with numerous TV channels which used to be reputable. One user wrote: “The history channel should be renamed the conspiracy channel.”

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A user who named TLC one of the biggest jokes today called it a “Terrible Life Choice.” It earned them nearly 16k upvotes and counting.

UK Government

Of course, many dislike the state of the world, but one of the biggest disappointments came from the UK. As a Reddit user wrote, “The office of Prime Minister in the UK government. It’s been a clown show for at least 6 years.”


A financial planner wrote, “Sears is literally my biggest go-to “Giants fall” Others gave insight into the company’s downfall, from people in the position of power to the buyout.

Bank managers

Many bank managers agreed that their jobs were highly valuable in the past. The original poster wrote, “They used to have serious power in local communities. Now they have to be glorified customer service reps a lot of the time,” with people in banking echoing this statement.


Thanks to commercials, Facebook is no longer on the cool list. One person wrote, “There was a period of time when Facebook was the best way for college students to interact with other college students online.”

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Doc Martens

Many complained about the quality of Dr. Martens boots, with the original poster for this specific item writing, “their quality is a shadow of what it once was.”

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Landline telephones

This one is the easiest to understand among all the highly respected things that became a joke. One person said, “The house phone used to be a vital link to the outside world.” However, people do not blame only cell phones. As the person suggested, “once junk calls were allowed to spiral completely out of control, the phone became a nuisance.”


Hustle culture is destroying “creating with zero expectations,” as a Redditor explained. They added how talking about hobbies “turns into a conversation about monetization or how I’m wasting my time on something.”

Bill Cosby

A person who mentioned former America’s most beloved dad received almost 14k upvotes. Their explanation was simple and well-known: “A comedian who once prided himself on only using clean comedy became the inspiration and subject of a thousand jokes on …” You get the idea.

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The Guinness Book of World Records

Reddit user wrote that the “well-established and professional collection of every impressive human feat, now a quick ego boost for rich kids that have barely enough talent to balance an egg on their forehead for 15 seconds on a July Afternoon at exactly 11:55 AM while wearing a Hello Kitty onesie.” They have gained nearly 19k upvotes so far.


A Reddit user complained, “There’s still real journalists out there, but no new ones are being born, very sad.” Another went to the core of the issue, “There are plenty of good journalists still around, but they don’t make money.”

Educational system

A teacher spoke about working in an educational system. Though the profession still earns some respect, “working as one is a joke.” A high school teacher confirmed the statement.

Jobs and loyalty

One Reddit user wrote how no one is loyal to their work anymore. Another said the problem is with companies: “Why should employees stay out of ‘loyalty’ when companies aren’t loyal or acting in their best interests?”

Netflix originals

There were several complaints about Netflix, but the most attention gathered comments about Netflix Originals. One commentator said, “It was all but guaranteed to be amazing television at first, but now there’s only a hit once in a while.”

The American Presidency

Similarly to the issues with the UK government, a person wrote, “The American Presidency does NOT hold the same esteem it once did.”


A person called the USA healthcare “a joke,” adding there have been too many changes in the past 20 years. Someone who has worked in healthcare for 23 years clarified, “When I started, the doctors ran the show. Now it’s just a bunch of suits sitting around all day having meetings about meetings”.

Kevin Spacey

Another fallen celebrity found its way among those who were once a big deal, but they are a joke now. Many claimed, “he was one of my fav actors for years.”


A lawyer explained how it was a position of prestige once. Now it is “just the equivalent of ambulance chaser in the minds of most people.”

Rudy Giuliani

A person naming a former NYC major received nearly 10k upvotes. As a Reddit user wrote, “Never imagined by the time I was full grown the guy would be such a clown.”

Shopping malls

While the poster named mall brands Macy’s, JC-Penny, and Sears, another added that shopping malls are no longer what they used to be.

Food Network

People shared that Food Network was educational, but now it is “just nonstop competition.”

Rolling Stone magazine

Some wrote how the pop culture magazine “in the past 20 years, it faded into irrelevance.” The person added that now, “they just wanted the rage bait clicks.”

Fresh Prince of Bell Air

A person named Will Smith and caused numerous intriguing comments. One Reddit user said: “How to **** up your life, career, and reputation in 30 seconds or less.” Another wrote, “He has power, mainly in his hand though.”

Craftsman Tools

Though they were of “superior quality,” Craftsman Tools are no longer what they used to be. A Redditor who worked in the company wrote, “Craftsman is far and away the brand of tools that get returned the most due to them malfunctioning or breaking. It’s crazy because my dad still has some Craftsman stuff from when it was a Sears brand, and they work great.”


As a Reddit poster simply stated, Quora turned into Yahoo! Answers. Another added, “It’s barely even legible with all of the ads.”

Ellen DeGeneres

The only woman in the most upvoted comments was Ellen DeGeneres. Some said, “Ellen’s fall from grace was pretty shocking.” Others asked, “wasn’t she always awful?” And some Reddit users reminded people of Ellen’s one successful career “Although we know Ellen sucks now, her stand-up was quite good.”

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The walking dead

A Reddit user complained about the show: “Pretty sure it went from #1 show on tv to on life support after the 4th season.” People loved this comment, though some were funnier than others, “I still can’t get over the fact that they were the walking dead. Like, virtually every second house in America has a bicycle in it, and they’re still huffing it on foot.”


Though this was a popular comment, no one even bothered explaining why Yellowpages belonged in the past. 


Finally, there was Blizzard, with over 30k upvotes. Many recalled the video gaming company, with one user pointing out, “There is no Blizzard anymore. Only Activision wearing Blizzard’s corpse as a skin suit.”


32/32 SLIDES


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