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In September 1998, as part of New York City’s Fashion Week festivities, 28-year-old model Melania Knauss attended a party at the Kit Kat Club in Times Square. There she caught the eye of 52-year-old Donald Trump, the brash real-estate mogul and tabloid fixture who was in the midst of divorcing his second wife, Marla Maples.

Trump had arrived with cosmetics heiress Celina Midelfart, but it didn’t matter; when his date went to the bathroom, he quickly cozied up to the tall Slovenian beauty.

Melania was charmed but hardly starstruck. When he asked for her number, she requested his, and Trump happily supplied every conceivable number: “The office, Mar-a-Lago, home in New York, everything,” she recalled.

Melania finally called after keeping the Donald waiting for a week, and with a first date at the Greenwich Village nightclub Moomba, the flame was lit.

Melania broke up with Donald several times
As the romance blossomed, Melania developed an understanding of what it meant to be dating a public figure with a seemingly insatiable craving for the spotlight. Once he called shock-jock DJ Howard Stern while she was allegedly in bed next to him. Another time, while participating in a panel discussion at the University of Pennsylvania, he sought her out by bellowing, “Where’s my supermodel?”

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