Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Donald J. Trump perfectly matches the biblical descriptions of the Antichrist, and Christians are being deluded by this man.

The bible gives us many specific descriptions of the character traits of the Antichrist, and they all point directly at Trump. This video goes through dozens of bible verses and also uses Trump’s own words.

NOTE: In this video I incorrectly stated that Trump would win the 2020 election. I admitted that mistake in a followup video, but I remain 100% convinced that Trump IS the Antichrist. Here is that followup video:

0:00 Introduction and commentary
0:45 Part One: The Name of the Antichrist (reasons 1 – 5)
7:05 Part Two: The Traits of the Antichrist (reasons 6 – 14)
19:49 Part Three: The Satanic Factor (reasons 15 – 25)
33:28 Part Four: The Strong Delusion (reasons 26 – 34)
47:13 Part Five: The New World Order (reasons 35 – 39)
53:55 Part Six: World Ruler (reasons 40 – 45)
1:03:45 Epilogue: What is it about Trump?
1:06:27 Something is going to happen

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*Antichrist Trump – 45 Biblical Reasons That Donald J. Trump is the Antichrist*
Part One: “The Name of the Antichrist” –
Part Two: “The Traits of the Antichrist” –
Part Three: “The Satanic Factor” –
Part Four: “The Strong Delusion” –
Part Five: “The New World Order” –
Part Six: “World Ruler” –
Full Video:

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