Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Donald Trump’s marriages have been in the public eye for decades, and it sure doesn’t seem like he minds that much. From his highly-publicized affair with Marla Maples that ended his first marriage to Ivana Trump, to his relationship with the much-younger Melania Knavs (whom he married in 2005), his love life has been under the microscope of public opinion for some time.

Donald and Melania don’t seem to be the most affectionate couple, and while they claim everything is perfect, many observers and even body language experts have noticed some odd things. Let’s take a look at the strange truth about Donald Trump’s marriage.

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They never fight | 0:00
White House adjacent | 0:44
Separate beds | 1:17
Standing by | 1:33
Multiple personalities | 2:14
She “married her dad” | 2:45
Most trusted adviser | 3:27
Tabloid pass | 4:05
Awkward appearances | 4:48

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