Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Unlike so many other members of the Trump family, Vanessa Trump doesn’t crave the spotlight. Vanessa is the ex-wife of Donald Trump Jr. and the mother of his five children, but many don’t know much about her, especially compared to other Trump spouses and ex-spouses.

However, the lack of information surrounding Vanessa is intentional. We don’t know much about Vanessa’s life before her marriage to Trump Jr., and in the years since they split, the former model has maintained a private life.

From what we do know about her, Vanessa Trump has had quite the stunning transformation over the years. Take a look.

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Privileged upbringing | 0:00
Dating Leo? | 1:04
Former model | 1:58
Matchmaker dad | 2:45
Publicity stunt proposal | 3:34
Mar-a-Lago wedding | 4:25
Ivanka and Vanessa | 5:21
Rocky marriage | 6:05
Power-hungry Trumps | 7:00
Becoming a target | 7:48
Focusing on motherhood | 8:32
Tight with Trumps | 9:20
Vanessa the heiress | 10:11

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