Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Melania’s hair is long and brown, with caramel blonde highlights that are layered in and stronger at the ends. However, it’s not always been that way.

The Slovenian-born First Lady, who recently turned 50, spent her youth as a fashion model, working in Milan and Paris before she moved to New York. Appearing on various magazine covers and at red carpet events, Melania’s hair was a lot darker, and often worn straight or in loose, beachy waves.

But Melania has updated her hair colour as she’s got older, and without any drastic changes – something which has helped to preserve her glossy locks.

“Melania’s colour began very dark at the roots, which dragged down into lighter mid lengths and ends. Over time Melania’s colour has definitely changed little by little,” Francesca Dixon, HARI’s Creative Colourist, commented. “The colour of her base root drag gradually became lighter and lighter, which can be spotted in pictures. These small colour changes over a long period of time are far better for the hair, as it maintains the hair’s wellbeing and health, and looks much better than a drastic, big colour change shock.”

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