Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Over the weekend, Mike Pence declared that his former boss had been “wrong” to demand he overturn the results of the 2020 election and that “history will hold Donald Trump accountable.” While this might have sounded like a serious rebuke of the ex-president, in reality, it was merely the latest in a long line of remarks from the former VP that still manage to effectively let Trump off the hook for inciting a bloody insurrection that left multiple people dead. For one thing, Trump should clearly be judged for January 6 now, not by a history book in five or 10 years. For another, Pence has done everything in his power to ensure the ex-president evades any and all responsibility for the attack on the Capitol, first by refusing to speak to the January 6 committee and later by trying his hardest to dodge a subpoena from the special counsel criminally investigating Trump. Also? He can’t even bring himself to say he wouldn’t vote for the guy in 2024, presumably because, against all odds, he would!

Given all this, you might think Trump would have let Pence’s most recent remarks slide. But obviously, that’s not how the former guy rolls. Instead, he chose to respond to the former VP’s weekend comments by arguing that January 6 was actually Mike Pence‘s fault.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Trump insisted: “Had [Pence] sent the votes back to the legislatures, they wouldn’t have had a problem with Jan. 6, so in many ways, you can blame him for Jan. 6. Had he sent them back to Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, the states, I believe, number one, you would have had a different outcome. But I also believe you wouldn’t have had ‘Jan. 6’ as we call it.”

This is obviously an insane line of logic, but don’t take our word for it—even the gang at Fox News couldn’t quite believe their ears.

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During the same interview, aboard his plane en route to Iowa, Trump reportedly opined that Pence said what he said over the weekend due to poor 2024 polling numbers. “I guess he figured that being nice is not working,” Trump said. “But, you know, he’s out there campaigning. And he’s trying very hard. And he’s a nice man, I’ve known him, I had a very good relationship until the end.”

Of course, Monday wasn’t the first time Trump had something completely absurd to say re: Pence‘s role in January 6. Back in November 2021, he said that his former VP deserved chants calling for his hanging.

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And Pence still does his bidding!


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