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In the world of Hollywood, wigs are very common, especially on-set. Heck, Jon Cryer took things a step further as during his final seasons on Two and a Half Men, the makeup team used a sort of spray paint to fill out his hair. He’s far from the only one to do so.

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When we think of signature hairstyles, a few names will always come up. Don King has to be one of them, who despite the rumors, has very real hair and not a wig or anything of the sort.

Donald Trump also falls into this category, especially given how consistent his hair has been over the years. We’ll take a look at what he thinks about his hair, and what might be the reason as to why he never cut it short.

A hairdresser alongside Quartz seems to have the answer, and it does make a lot of sense. Let’s take a closer look at Trump’s hair, and why he likely won’t be cutting it at any point.

Donald Trump Took A Moment During His Briefing As President To Inform Everyone That His Hair Is Very Much Real

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Oh yes, Donald Trump seems to be very proud of his hair, which is often ridiculed by the media. Back in March of 2020 during a Pandemic briefing, Trump steered the conversation given that the wind was blowing hard. When acknowledging the wind, he took a second to compliment his own hair.

“Whoops, there goes our box,” former President Trump, said. “And my hair is blowing around, and it’s mine. The one thing you can’t get away with. If it’s not yours, you got a problem, if you’re president.”

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It was far from the only time that Donald Trump had to take a second and reveal that his hair was very much real. In truth, over the years, we’ve seen Trump get trims, but never cut his hair short. This would lead to lots of speculation as to why, but one hairdresser thinks she has the answer.

A Hairdresser Revealed That Donald Trump Won’t Cut His Hair Because Of His Hair Line And How His Hair Falls

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According to Caroline Mitgang of Quartz, there’s a simple reason as to why Donald Trump won’t cut his hair short, and it is because it simply won’t look good. Caroline suggests that given the way Trump’s hair fails, it would lead to an awkward hairstyle if cut short.

She wrote, “Preposterous as his hair may seem, unbelievably, I find myself siding with his stylist’s choice. If Trump caved and finally cut his hair shorter, the growth pattern in front would force the hair straight out and down, possibly resulting in a George Clooney 1990s Caesar effect, except with Trump’s face.”

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Mitgang of Quartz suggests this is the main reason as to why he has kept it long all these years later. He found a look that works and won’t change it.

“Perhaps that explains why, when you look back at photos of Trump from the 1970s, his hairstyle looks almost exactly the same, albeit fuller and darker. Sometimes a person finds a style and sticks with it forever. Think Fran Lebowitz, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, and Don King. In Trump’s case, this unusual style may be his only option.”

There is another theory as to why Trump never cuts his hair short, and it has to do with a rumored surgery he took on years ago.

Another Debunked Theory Suggests Donald Trump Got A Botched Hair Transplant Years Ago, And Won’t Cut His Hair Short Because Of It

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Quartz would also reveal another rumor swirling around, and it deals with Trump getting a certain surgery years ago to hide developing bald spots.

“There’s also a rumor about an alleged scalp surgery, as referenced in the extremely unauthorized 1993 book Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump.”

It is said that Trump war irate over the procedure given that the surgeon completely botched it. However, Trump’s team was quick to debunk the rumor, stating that it wasn’t factual.

“He denies this, however. His lawyer also denies it, with liberal use of expletives, and even Ivana now denies it, despite her sworn testimony. But even if Trump did have a scalp reduction, or plugs, these wouldn’t substantially contribute to his frontal hair shelf,” Quartz reveals.

Set to turn 77 in June, we have to give it to the former President, he still has a big head of hair. However, that mystery of what Donald’s hair would look like short doesn’t seem like it’ll ever come to fruition.


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