Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Wednesday, 22 February 2023

Ivana Trump’s grave has been moved on Donald’s golf course. Problem: the bitch ain’t dead!

Witnesses have said that during a full moon, if their balls land anywhere near Ivana’s grave, she reaches up out of the ground and snatches the ball – wrecking the shot!

This is blasphemy to a golfer!

Trump has had his ex-wife’s grave moved into the rough, surrounded by thick trees and a few crocodiles … and a priest was called in to see if he could “send the zombie bitch back to Hell!” so that she no longer steals Donald’s balls.

He worked hard for those balls, put them through their paces, shot ‘em good, got ‘em in the cup, and still his ex-wife comes out of the grave to destroy his perfect life.

Some zombies just don’t know when to stay dead. Especially when Donald has a good lie going.


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